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Lhuv Hora
   It is compressed for a very tight fit.  Order at least two sizes larger if you do not like it tight.  Looks nice though.  I wish it were my type of fit.  I wanted to keep it.
Farouk Ali
   Ordered same several years ago and lived these shorts. This time around the material is much thinner. They still fill the bill...just sad they are not the same good quality.
Arunrat Sangkaew
   Awesome great product and great seal on the door.
Fatma Allam
   Jersey Shore is probably the most entertaining show on television [definitely on MTV] even though it does not accurately represent Jersey in the least. I'm from the coast and what they portray are the typical 'benny's' that we have to deal with year after year.  But, still, I'm a fan and the DVDs are great to have. haha it's a good distraction from schoolwork smile

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