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Carmen Wkm
   I bought these for my father and they look great.  He seems to like wearing them as well.
Mario Heuer
   This is an excellent movie and that being said, I would definitely recommend this movie to any one interested in a good story that is based mainly on the life and times of Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons.  They do an excellent job with the cast and the story in general.  The music is good and you will definitely be surprised at what these guys went through to be successful!  It's definitely a rags to riches story mixed in with a lot of hard work to get there!
   My husband loves it for work. He describes it as comfortable and very ventilated.
Xuan Yi Kit
   Fantastic movie, fantastic performances.  Enjoy!!!!!
Alvin Lee
   Great filters, Filter well,  and not what all the rest are using... brand (M)!
Elodie Dws
   Very comfortable. Great price and just bought 2 more.

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